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Enjoy a unique gastronomic experience where the authentic flavors of Mexico are found in each bite with our incredible taquizas! We recommend you to discover:

• Steak Tacos: Juicy strips of beef seasoned and grilled to perfection, wrapped in warm corn tortillas.

• Beef or Chicken Fajitas: Delicious and tender beef or chicken fajitas, marinated and cooked over high heat to bring out their flavor.

• Tacos al pastor: A culinary wonder that combines pork marinated in a blend of spices and cooked on a vertical spit. The smoky and spicy flavors will transport you directly to Mexico.

• Barbacoa: A traditional Mexican specialty, barbacoa is tender, juicy beef simmered for hours to a tender texture and exceptional flavor.

• Discada: A feast of flavors, the discada is a combination of grilled meats, such as beef, pork, or chorizo, along with a variety of ingredients such as onion, peppers, and spices.

All our taquizas include two meat options, accompanied by rice and beans, so you can enjoy a complete and satisfying meal. In addition, we offer you a variety of fresh and authentic ingredients, such as pico de gallo, onion with cilantro, radishes, grilled onion, green sauce and red sauce, so you can customize your tacos according to your taste.
In our taquizas section, we remind you to enjoy a gastronomic experience full of flavor, tradition and quality. Live the authentic experience of Mexican tacos with us!

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