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At La Sultana del Norte Catering S&D, we are pleased to offer a variety of miniature Mexican delicacies that are sure to satisfy the most demanding palates. Let us delight you with a carefully curated selection:

- Taquito flauta with guacamole: Crispy and tasty flute taquitos filled with delicious options, accompanied by a fresh and creamy guacamole.

- Chicken Mini Quesadillas: Small quesadillas filled with tender seasoned chicken and melted cheese, perfect for a delicious bite.

- Minigorditas: Tasty and fluffy mini-sized gorditas, filled with a variety of options such as beans, cheese or traditional stews.

- Minisopes: Traditional and colorful little soups with a fried dough base, covered with refried beans, meat, cheese and fresh sauces.

- Tostaditas de tinga: Small crunchy tostaditas with a generous portion of chicken tinga, seasoned with fresh ingredients such as lettuce, cream and cheese.

- Minitamales: Delicate and tasty mini-size tamales, wrapped in corn leaves and filled with classic options such as chicken or pork in green or red sauce.

- Shrimp skewer: Juicy shrimp skewers seasoned and grilled to perfection, accompanied by a special sauce to enhance its flavor.

- Cheese empanada: Delicious empanadas filled with melted cheese, with a crispy and golden dough that makes them irresistible.

These are just some of the options we offer in our presentation for receptions. Our goal is to provide you with a unique culinary experience, where each bite is a festival of flavors and textures. Let us be part of your next reception and bring you the authentic essence of Mexican cuisine in a mini format but full of greatness!
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