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Mexican Buffet

Welcome to our Mexican Buffet!

In our buffet you will find:

• Chicken and Beef Fajitas: Juicy and seasoned to perfection.
• Mexican rice: With delicious flavors and authentic spices.
• Charro beans: Tasty and full of flavor.

Our ingredients include:

• Guacamole: Prepared with ripe avocados, cilantro and lemon juice.
• Pico de Gallo: With fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro and lemon.
• Cream: To add a creamy touch.
• Green sauce and red sauce: Perfect to give it a spicy and tasty touch.
• Corn and flour tortillas: To enjoy the flavors in authentic Mexican tortillas.

Enjoy a culinary experience full of authentic Mexican flavors at our Mexican Buffet!
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